The Graduate School and Open University Information Management System (GSOU IMS) is a full blown web-based solution that will enable the community of Graduate Schools and Open Universities to establish a more professional mechanism in managing and monitoring information for its students.

GSOU IMS will provide services that can be effectively done online or via mobile devices including student admission, enrollment, grade monitoring, thesis/dissertation status and payment monitoring, and other services with regards to the student. This will help the students save their time in processing various documents that are needed. side from that, GSOU IMS aims to provide a more efficient way of integrating systems related to student information that are currently used by the university. This means that the project will be fully configurable and customizable which can be used by different universities that have different policies, procedures and forms.

Barangay IT

The Barangay IT is a reliable, integrated and automated system specially developed for the barangays in the Philippines. It provides a more organized approach to processing, storing, and managing data that are relevant and needed by the barangays. Barangay IT is designed to handle a wide-range of information relating to barangay profile, citizens profile, barangay IDs/clearances/certifications, blotter cases, local businesses, and barangay legislation. The system is equipped with features and functionalities that will provide complete and accurate information for a more effective management of barangay transactions.


The Health Care System (HCS) has 4 cores namely Outpatient Services, Patient Admission, Patient Care and Patient Accounting. The scope of Health Care System is from the outpatient services up to the billing and payment of the discharged patient from the inpatient which were the outpatients were transferred. The HCS will serve as a tool for managing and monitoring the patient information throughout the system.

The processes that are not included in the system are the cleaning of the room of the patient and scheduling of patients and nurses/doctors.

The process of Health Care System starts from the different outpatient services. The patient needs to be registered first before having a check-up to the physician. In the check-up process, the patient that is registered will be assigned to a physician. The physician will check the condition of the patient and will give prescription if needed. When the patient needs to diagnose in the hospital, the patient will now enter the Patient Admission process. The patient needs to register first before being admitted in the hospital. After Admission, Patient Care now takes off. The patient receives anything that he/she needs in the hospital while being admitted. When the patient receives the discharge notice from the Patient Care System, the Patient Accounting will now discharge the patient if there is no more complications within the bill of the patient. This is the last process of the Health Care System.


Human Resource Information System is one of the systems that are being commonly used by most, if not, many business establishments or companies. And since a company has a great number of employees needed for the operation of the business, there is no doubt that human resource information system would be a great idea because managing hundreds or thousands of employees can really be a challenge. It provides seamless way of storing information of the employee’s basic information and training course taken.

The system will track all of the training courses that are attended by the employees that are required by the company which is used for the business. These training courses come from different recommendations and are stored in a system for a more convenient way of management.

The primary objective of the system is the managing and recording of employees confidential records and can handle the tracking of the training of employees as well as their whereabouts and expenses